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frequently asked questions

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Is the subscription service still for just dancers?

Absolutely not! While (ex)dancers are drawn to Jodie's style of teaching, it is not the only demographic we serve at ERY.

ERY is intermediate level yoga - best suited for people with yoga experience and pre-existing coordination...but we all have to start somewhere.

Why should I pay for content when there is so much free yoga on Youtube?

Firstly - great question. Youtube and other online video streaming platforms have an amazing selection of generic yoga flows. But they're just that - generic.

They're perfect for getting yourself out of a funk - or stretching it out after a long day.

The true benefit to being apart of an online subscription is the journey that you take with the instructor in your own home. This subscription offers you true personal development and transformation in a way that watching a youtube video just can't.

We build new skills, work up to new poses and balances, and learn ancient breathing techniques that have served the yoga community for 5000 years. We journal, we meditate, we learn.

If you're ready to deepen your practice, this is where you should do it.

Who is the ERY Subscription for?

ERY founder and head teacher Jodie Scarrow always says yoga turned her life from black and white to colour.

This subscription is intermediate level yoga designed to help you enliven your home practice.

Yoga experience is required - however modifications and alterations are available for most levels.

As an (ex)dancer Jodie incorporates body image healing modalities into her classes and workshops - making her classes safe, inclusive and transformational.

What is included in a membership?

The membership is multifaceted - featuring new content every Monday and Thursday. Basically - you're getting 9-10 new classes per month!

Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of videos including tutorials, meditations, and yoga classes.

How do I cancel?

I am so sorry to see you go...

As a new business owner I am still working out the kinks and continually trying to improve the service ERY provides. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have to offer. I am grateful for the time we spent together.

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.